Elite Teams

Elite Teams

In September 2016 Steptacular performing arts auditioned and successfully picked a junior and senior elite team to compete in dance competitions across Ireland and the UK. With a years training behind them, the teams have excelled and achieved in every competition to date. We now have 3 teams running from 7-18years.

To be part of our teams is strictly by invite or audition only. Please note if any student is interested in joining one of the above teams commitment and dedication is of the utmost importance.

Competitions To Date:

  • Star Alliance 2016
  • VAD Belfast 2016
  • VAD Blackpool Grand Final 2017
  • 5678 Belfast 2017
  • World Lyrical Dance Federation 2017
  • VAD Dublin 2017
  • Disneyland Paris 2018
  • Twighlight 2018

“We’ll never lose. We’ll either win or we’ll learn” (quote adapted by Nelson Mandela)